Daniel Tosh Rocks a Pink Hillary Pantsuit For Rare Political Tosh.0 Segment


For the uninitiated, the Web Redemption portion of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 features the host comedian Daniel Tosh giving a viral video star a second chance at looking like less-of-a-fool. Historically, Tosh invites people who have gone viral for all the wrong reasons the opportunity to be in on the joke, and with all the energy around the 2016 race, even the typically apolitical Tosh got in on the action.

However, he didn’t ease into a political segment on his show Tuesday night with a graceful landing. The host of the show — now in its eighth season — took a swipe at Larry Wilmore and Trevor Noah: “I hate to mix comedy and politics, but somebody on Comedy Central has to.”

For this week’s Web Redemption, Tosh tracked down Paul McClure, the star behind the “Hillary in the House” trainwreck viral video from the 2008 campaign that is far too awkward and cringe-worthy not to watch for yourself:

Done sweating from discomfort? Let’s move on.

Tosh flew McClure out to Los Angeles for a shot at redeeming himself, this time taking square aim at the absurdity of the 2016 race. The comedian dressed up in his best Hillary Clinton pink pantsuit to play the part, but not before a hilarious question-and-answer portion. “Is there any chance you’re actually hurting Hillary’s campaign?” asked Tosh.

“No, and I’ve had people from the campaign that won’t even allow me to put the song or advertise it,” admitted McClure, who seems like the sort of guy who takes everything a smidge too seriously. “I’m like, are we on the same page? Are we trying to get the same woman elected? And then we get the people who really appreciate it: woman of color and people that can move their butt, like myself,” he continued to laughter from the studio audience.

Watch the above clip for the revamped version of the 2008 original that Tosh and Co. produced alongside McClure for the Web Redemption. And yes, it’s Trump inspired.

J.D. Durkin (@jiveDurkey) is an editorial producer and columnist at Mediaite.
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