Donald Trump Promises to ‘Take Care of Our African American People’


Cable news lost the plot of the 2016 presidential election a long time ago, and if you need more evidence of that, just consider Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump‘s victory speech Tuesday night. While cable news pundits wondered aloud if thirteen minutes of not vomiting on himself at a podium could “turn the corner” on the charges of blatant racism that are coming from his own party’s leadership, Donald Trump was busy taking ownership of black people. Again.

We’re going to rebuild our inner cities, which are absolutely a shame and so sad. We’re going to take care of our African-American people that have been mistreated for so long.

I was flipping between the networks, and if the line merited a mention, it was so short that I missed it, and so did our TV transcription database. But it certainly made an impression online, where Twitter users were quick to enshrine it:

Several of those Twitter users referenced Trump’s recent shout-out to a man he called “my African American” at a rally, another connection that cable news seemed to miss in favor of the narrative they’d worked so hard to pre-package.

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