David Frum Deletes Tweet Saying Trump ‘Smacked Down’ Dem Memo Like a ‘Staffer’s Wife’

The Atlantic senior editor David Frum sent a tweet Friday night that he quickly removed due to immediate backlash.

Between the fallout of former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter and the late-breaking news that President Trump has decided to not declassify the Democratic memo in its current form, Frum summarized his take with a rather distasteful tweet.

Frum took down the tweet and followed up with this:

“I wasn’t making light of any of today’s heinous events, but enough people say they found the below upsetting that I will take it down,” he tweeted.

Porter stepped down Wednesday after allegations of domestic abuse made by his two ex-wives surfaced and that was followed by the Friday night resignation of speechwriter David Sorensen over his ex-wife’s domestic abuse allegation. And the White House stated that the president was unable to declassify the memo crafted by House Democrats that was meant to counter last week’s release of the GOP memo.

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