Did Sarah Palin Just Say That Government Should Spread the Wealth Around?

Former Alaska Governor and current Donald Trump backer Sarah Palin gave an interview to Breitbart News this week that contained very little in the way of surprise, as she predictable defended Trump’s call for a Muslim ban in the wake of the terrorist mass shooting in Orlando, and assailed critics of Trump who called him racist. While critiquing Mitt Romney over his recent “trickle-down racism” comment, though, Palin did throw in an aside that was oddly familiar, and somewhat stunning considering the source:

Stomping all over those who are the base, those who have boots on the ground, doin’ a lot of the hard work to get whom we trust will be the right person into office, and then supporting the right policies in order to simply force government to do what it is obligated to do, and that’s not much. That’s basically safety, and it’s some, uh, economic parity.

I think a lot of conservatives would be surprised to hear about this particular role of government, especially coming from the bottom of a presidential ticket that assailed then-Senator Barack Obama as a socialist for proposing a three percent marginal tax increase:

That was Obama with Joe the Plumber, who isn’t actually a plumber and whose name is Samuel, explaining how just a little tiny increase in taxes on earnings above $250,000 a year would help other not-plumbers maybe achieve their American Dreams, too. Hell, he wasn’t even close to suggesting “parity,” just a little bit of a fighting chance. You might never have known it, but Palin was a not-so-secret socialist herself during her half-term as governor, spreading the wealth from her state’s oil industry around to all of Alaska’s residents.

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