Donald Trump Has Literally Violated Every Single Boy Scout Law – And Here’s Proof


In a disheartening appearance at the West Virginia Boy Scouts Jamboree on Monday,  President Trump rallied 30,000 Scouts to “boo” former President Obama, a former Scout himself, boast about his electoral victory (conveniently omitting how he lost the popular vote by roughly 3 million votes), and boast about his wealthy friends’ yacht sex lives. It was a bizarre speech, to be sure, and even more bizarre considering whom the remarks were made before.

In recent years, the group has found itself in hot water regarding controversies involving homophobia and transphobia, and inviting Trump to spew out his usual barrage of immaturity and get scouts to boo an esteemed former president certainly wasn’t a good look.

Trump’s arrogance, egotism, and obsession with lavish wealth and sexualizing women were all front-and-center on Monday afternoon, and his speech, just like the rest of his values having never been a scout himself, were an affront to everything U.S. Scouts are supposed to hold dear.

To recap, if you missed the speech, haven’t been paying attention to Trump’s behavior and language throughout his life, or aren’t familiar with the qualities boy scouts supposedly prize, a Scout is:


Now seems like as good a time as ever to remind everyone that Trump’s 3,500+ lawsuits are unprecedented in any U.S. president, many of them involving fraud and exploitation. No surprise many of his his family and senior advisers are embroiled in allegations of colluding with a foreign adversary to advance his presidential campaign.


Trump demands loyalty, and severely punishes individuals for perceived breaches in loyalty, without reciprocating it. Case in point: His sharp attacks on attorney general Jeff Sessions, the first U.S. senator to endorse him on the campaign trail, speak volumes about his character.


For the past six months, Trump has been leading the charge to strip almost 30 million Americans of health care, content to watch children and the elderly literally die to score a political victory. To top it all off, he’s not even willing to help Senate Republicans achieve this.

Just let Obamacare fail,” he said, last week.


There’s no denying president is friendly — that is, with Wall Street executives and wealthy yacht owners. For whatever reason, he felt the need to fixate on this in his remarks to the Scouts, focusing on how tremendously successful he and his playboy billionaire buddies are both in their finances and their sex lives.

“[My friend] sold his company for a tremendous amount of money,” Trump told the kids. “And he went out and bought a big yacht. And he had a very…interesting life.”

You can see Trump really leaned into the “interesting” in “interesting life.”

“I won’t go into any more than that cause you’re Boy Scouts,” Trump said. “So I’m not going to tell you what he did.”

Trump was referring to his rich developer friend and noted racist William Levitt.


For this one, I guess it really depends on what your definition of “courteous” is — if it’s taking married women to furniture stores to sexually ambush them, or suggesting that when you’re famous you can “grab [women] by the p-ssy” with or without their consent, then sure, Trump has got courtesy down to a science.


Call me old-fashioned, but identifying Mexican immigrants as rapists and mocking disabled people doesn’t exactly scream “kindness” to me.


Some people think they’re above following orders, and as president, Trump seems to have internalized that he’s above following White House traditions to prevent corruption.


Maybe “cheerful” is one way to describe throwing tantrums and shunning senior advisers — sulky, immature, and uncooperative are other words.


Most of Trump’s speech consisted of yachts and lavish partying, and that should speak for itself. But of course, Trump was more or less born into this lavish lifestyle, despite his supporters’ erroneous belief that he’s some self-made embodiment of the American Dream. His father left him today’s equivalent of $5 million, which Trump has lamented in previous speeches wasn’t enough.


It sure takes a lot of bravery to dodge the draft and then mock and belittle the heroism of a prisoner of war.


This one actually works pretty well — Trump is a known germaphobe and there’s no shortage of evidence of this. He’s literally identified himself as one. But as his language about women, going so far as to say that he and daughter Ivanka Trump have “sex” in common, and, of course, allegedly sexually harass and abuse dozens of women who worked for or with him, suggest, fear of germs doesn’t always equate to cleanliness.


It’s difficult to think of just one or two examples for this one. He went from being perhaps the most disrespectful presidential candidates in U.S. history to being among the mist disrespectful presidents in U.S. history, because he simply doesn’t have any respect for the presidency. His treatment of his predecessors and former presidential rivals clearly indicate this, and something tells me if he respected the Americans who voted for him and Americans who pay taxes, he wouldn’t be golfing every weekend on their tax dollars.

This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.

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