Elizabeth Warren Glad WGA Isn’t Striking Because Fair Pay, But Also Because Ballers

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Who knew Senator Elizabeth Warren was such a fan of Dwayne Johnson? In a Facebook post yesterday, she announced that she “[Stands] with the Writers Guild of America for fair pay and decent health care because it’s the right thing to do.” But, that’s not the only reason. She and her husband Bruce Mann also “can’t wait for the next season of Ballers to start.”

The WGA made news today after reaching a deal with the Motion Picture and Television Producers just after their midnight deadline. If they hadn’t, they were planning to go on strike. As Warren notes, “Screenwriting isn’t as glamorous as it sounds – the majority of writers scrape together work, gig to gig, at a time that the studios are raking in record profits.”

In case you didn’t watch its first two seasons, Ballers is a show that stars The Rock as a former star football player turned financial manager. It seems to involve a lot of fun and a lot of fanciness, and that’s pretty much where we’re at with it. What’s important here, however, is that Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Senator, loves it.

As a bonus, we also now know that Warren is a big fan of HBO’s Big Little Lies, which, to be fair, is an excellent show.

Ballers returns to HBO for its third season on July 23rd.

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