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Exodus Movie Banned in Egypt for Supposed ‘Historical Inaccuracies’

The movie Exodus: Gods and Kings has been banned in Egypt and there’s a report it’s also been banned in Morocco as well. And no, it’s not because the critical reception has been very poor or that the cast is way too white.

No, a news report from Egypt says that it’s been banned for “historical inaccuracies.”

Abdul Sattar Fathi, the head of Egypt’s state censorship board, said the film will be banned because there’s just too much that’s historically wrong in this Ridley Scott movie starring Batman as Moses:

“One of the key historical mistakes made by this film is that it claims the Jews were the ones who built the Pyramids. The film treats Moses as an army general, not as a prophet. Furthermore, it shows ancient Egyptians as a mob group persecuting peaceful Jews. Our board has refused this out of respect for Egyptians’ feelings.”

Earlier this year Egypt banned Noah as well for similar reasons.

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