Fareed Zarkaria Echoes Old Van Jones Line: Trump ‘Became President’ with Syrian Airstrike

On New Day this morning, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria praised Donald Trump for launching missiles at Syria.

When Alisyn Camerota asked him, “What changed last night?” Zakaria responded that Trump “became President of the United States.”

“I think this was actually a big moment because Candidate Trump had said that he would never get involved in the Syrian civil war,” Zakaria said. “He told President [BarackObama, ‘You cannot do this without the authorization of Congress.’ He seemed unconcerned with global norms. President Trump recognized that the President of the United States does have to act to enforce international norms, does have to have this broader moral and political purpose.”

That is high praise from Zakaria, who previously said that Trump has succeeded “by bullshitting.”

The comment was also noteworthy since Zakaria’s CNN colleague Van Jones used very similar language to describe Trump in February, saying he “became president” when he used a widely-publicized speech to honor the wife of a fallen Navy SEAL. (Careful, Zakaria! We don’t need a repeat of last time!)

Watch above.

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