Fear Not, America: TV Host Wendy Williams Will Save Our Twinkies

Talk show host Wendy Williams is a woman of passion and conviction, a woman who doesn’t stand idle when she witnesses injustice. This is why Wendy Williams has launched a campaign to save America’s most endangered species: The Hostess Twinkie.

Ever since news broke that Hostess — the company responsible for this vaguely plastic food-adjacent item — would be filing for bankruptcy, Americans glanced up from their Snowballs and icing-coated Cupcakes to let out a collective howl of horror. And Wendy listened. She collected the most inspiring stock footage she could find, added an inspiring tune, and slapped it all together into a truly majestic ad.

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Have a look at her call to action, and visit her Facebook page, if you are so inclined, to help her on her mission to save the humble Twinkie from extinction. Remember, friends: Love is lost and friendships fall away. But Twinkies? Are forever.

Take a gander:

h/t BuzzFeeed

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