Female Sportswriters Flip the Script on ‘Mean Tweets’ and Have Men Read Them Out Loud


Anyone in the public eye can vouch for the fact that receiving malicious tweets is basically a daily occurrence. To remind the senders of these messages that their inevitable destination is the phone or computer screen of a real human being, Jimmy Kimmel created “Mean Tweets,” which is a series of videos in which sports stars, celebrities, and politicians read tweets they’ve received out loud and on camera.

The message has to be powerful enough as it is for the segment to have become so popular, but female sportswriters took the message to the next level when they had men read the harassing messages they receive out loud to them.

This framing is even more impactful since it illustrates the fear inherent in receiving death and rape threats from men. Moreover, the men in the video were shocked when the insults took a turn from the standard “this person is a hack” to “this woman should be beaten to death.”

The women in the video are Julie DiCaro and Sarah Spain and they had seen the tweets beforehand but the men hadn’t. The use of the c-word, in particular, seemed to give the men a lot of pause. For many women in the public eye, that label is common.

Watch above to see one participant hesititate and hear an off-camera producer say, “Just read the tweets, man. They’re just mean tweets.”

What do you think? Just mean tweets?

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