A Bunch of People at a Springsteen Concert Spotted Chris Christie Rocking Hard


My bias may be showing here, but New Jersey governor and former Republican Presidential candidate Chris Christie is doing just fine away from the campaign trail.

I say that of course because Christie was seen at the Bruce Springsteen concert Monday night, and as a Jersey guy born & raised myself, I know that the Governor did it the right way: by rocking out in public, belting those Boss tunes, and air-guitaring the shit out every song.

Multiple people have taken to Twitter today to post original photos and videos catching Christie loving every second of the Springsteen show at the Barclays in Brooklyn. Here’s a video of the man himself, still wearing his tie from a long day’s work, hitting every note to Out In The Street:

Notice that sweet, sweet air drum maneuver? Rock out like you’re Max Weinberg, Governor. And from the looks of this video that was uploaded to Twitter, Christie is clapping along with the enthusiasm of a Gospel singer in his Church:

The CBS’ Derek Simon caught this moment of Christie being awesome:

And when fan-favorite Ramrod by Springsteen came on, Christie wasn’t shy about it at all, even stopping for a selfie or two with Boss fans who recognized the Gov:

…and of course, during Born To Run:

Chris Christie’s love of all things Bruce is nothing new. Last year, Newsweek wrote about the relationship between the two Jersey boys, going as far as to provide a year-by-year analysis of Christie’s fandom. A few highlights:

1975: Chris Christie is 13 years old, the age at which he told The Atlantic he began idolizing Bruce. He attends his first Springsteen concert at Seton Hall University.

January 2010: Springsteen declines a request to perform at Christie’s inauguration ceremony, so the new governor hires the B Street Band, a Springsteen tribute group, and joins them onstage to sing “Badlands,” “Glory Days,” and “Born to Run.” “Bruce and I don’t agree on certain things politically—big shock,” Christie said about Springsteen’s refusal. “But it doesn’t diminish at all my enjoyment of him as an artist and a performer.”

March 2012: Christie publicly asks Springsteen to play a Labor Day concert at the newly opened Revel Casino in Atlantic City. His request is denied once again.

September 2012: Christie appears on NBC’s Late Night and sings a duet of “Thunder Road” with Jimmy Fallon.

January 2014: Springsteen appears on Late Night, and he and Fallon perform a parody of “Born to Run” mocking Christie’s George Washington Bridge traffic scandal.

June 2015: Fellow New Jersey rocker Jon Bon Jovi gives Christie his blessing to use his music during his 2016 presidential campaign.

July 2015: Sitting next to his wife with his hands on his knees and a blank expression on his face, Christie tells LifeZette that he prefers Bon Jovi to Springsteen. The ultimate betrayal.

Last summer, Christie even Tweeted out this lengthy message about his passion for “the most powerful rock album of all time.”

Regardless of the “betrayal” and the fact that Christie told Sean Hannity in September that he and Springsteen are no longer friends, now they’re like brothers under the bridge, and it seems to be a spat of the past.

By my own admission, I haven’t always been kind to my home state’s Governor in this space, but like trading in a shaggin’ wagon for a scooter, Christie has gone and totally redeemed himself in my book. On Monday night, cell phones recorded videos, selfies were snapped, and Chris Christie with his boy-like passion for rock and roll proved that he’s doing just fine away from the campaign trail.

J.D. Durkin (@jiveDurkey) is a columnist at Mediaite.
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