Finally, Good News For Tripp Johnston: Bristol, Levi Come To Custody Agreement

The Bristol Palin/Levi Johnston soap opera continues, much to the enjoyment of reality TV enthusiasts, but at the unfortunate cost of their son, Tripp, getting caught in the crossfire. Yesterday, a positive development between the teen parents finally arose after a month of engagements, break-ups, false pregnancies, and music videos: Bristol and Levi have agreed to share custody.

Johnston had previously complained that Bristol and her mother, Sarah Palin, had been preventing him from seeing his child. On the other end of the discussion, Bristol Palin had complained of not getting any child support from Johnston, who made some money as a Playgirl pinup and doing several media events. Now, both parents will be able to see the child on a regular basis and cooperate in parenting. CNN reports:

Under the agreement, Johnston gets visitation rights two days a week, while Palin gets primary physical custody of their son Tripp. The couple will share legal custody, Johnston’s lawyer told the Associated Press.

No word on whether the release of Johnston’s new music video or the proposed launch of his political career will have an impact on the relationship.

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