FLASHBACK: Trump Awkwardly Sings ‘Green Acres’ at the Emmys… in Denim Overalls


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A “polymath” is a person who’s really, really smart about a wide variety of subjects. Donald Trump, however, is an example of what happens when you switch the “a” to an “e.”

At least that’s one possibility, given the crazy sh*t the 2016 GOP presidential contender and incessant whiner has been videotaped doing throughout his prolonged career as a… whatever he is. Luckily, most of it has been uploaded online for all the world to see. From a hilariously awkward sketch in which Trump creepily makes out with Rudy Giuliani in drag, to his “Trump Steaks” commercial for the now-bankrupt Sharper Image, it’s all there. You’re welcome.

Trump: The Game

Back in July, we reported on the 1989 board game, Trump: The Game — Donald’s attempt to out-Monopoly Monopoly. The original commercial’s popularity surged online when a YouTuber brought it back from the dead for the benefit of modern America’s voting public.

Trump Sings Green Acres Theme at the Emmys

At the 2005 Prime-time Emmy Awards, Trump appeared onstage in a farmer’s outfit to sing the Green Acres theme song with actress Megan Mullally. Trump played himself, whereas Mullally stayed in character as Karen Walker from Will & Grace. Why did you do this to us, Megan? WHY?

Pizza Hut Commercial

Despite the infamy Trump earned for meeting Sarah Palin for pizza in 2011, which he ate with a fork, the business mogul helped Pizza Hut sell its “Big New Yorker Pizza” back in 2000. Bonus: Trump then compared himself to Napoleon and Alexander the Great, two famous leaders from world history who attained their respective statuses by killing a lot of people.

Trump Makes Out with Giuliani in Drag

There’s not really much else to say here, except that:

  1. Giuliani is dressed in drag, which isn’t a negative thing at all. In fact, it’s a good look for him. Seriously.
  2. Trump tries to put the moves on Drag Queen Rudy, and he’s oh so very creepy about it.

Trump Steaks

As Esquire rightfully points out, Sharper Image went bankrupt the year after Trump made this commercial for “Trump Steaks,” his latest product offering. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the two events are related. However, there’s every chance that steaks sold by a guy who eats pizza with a fork are absolute crap.

Trump Tortures WWE CEO Vince McMahon

Maybe it makes sense to wrestling fans, but Trump’s appearance at WrestleMania 23 for the “Battle of the Billionaires” is utterly baffling. I’d give his hair a better chance of winning a fake fighting contest than the man himself. Still, the cameo contains two absolutely wonderful bits — the first being the moment Trump shaved Vince McMahon‘s head.

Steve Austin Stuns Trump

The second comes soon after, when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin doused Trump with cheap beer and performed a perfect “Stone Cold Stunner” on the businessman.

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