Fmr. Congressman Joe Walsh Deletes Tweet in Which He Threatened Obama With ‘War’


Following reports of murdered police officers in Dallas Thursday night, former Congressman and Tea Party activist Joe Walsh tweeted out that there was now a state of war in America and cautioned President Obama to “watch out.”

He subsequently deleted that tweet, but other users preserved it in screengrabs.

In tweets he chose not to delete, he accused Obama of having “stoked the flame” and said that Black Lives Matter should be designated as a “hate group.”

He accused BLM activists of applauding the officers’ deaths and sought to link the murders to various flashpoints in the culture wars.

Some Twitter users suggested that Walsh should be investigated by the Secret Service for his threats. Others were more direct:

UPDATE 9:22 A.M. ET: Twelve officers were confirmed to have been shot in the ambush, five of whom have died.

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