For a Guy So Worried About Optics, Trump Surrounds Himself With a Lot Of White Guys

Time to state the obvious: Image is everything to Donald Trump, in case his administration’s unified choice to perform a batty, democracy-defying song and dance about his [huge/tiny] inaugural crowd this weekend wasn’t a big enough indication.

We knew this before, of course. He bragged about the size of his penis during a primary debate. There are decades-old reports of him contradicting unflattering coverage of himself by correcting articles in gold Sharpie and sending them back to their authors. Recent reports of that happening only reaffirm that he is and always has been image-obsessed.

For a man so thoroughly consumed by his preoccupation with appearances and ratings, it sure is strange that he willingly surrounds himself only with white men. Look at the video above, which shows Trump signing some executive orders, and really ruminate on what message he is (absolutely deliberately) sending.

When that clip came across the television today, the stark white image was striking, and not only to this author.

He has appointed women and people of color to cabinet positions, but when it comes to the question of which groups of people his presidency will serve, his messaging couldn’t be clearer.

[image: screengrab]

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