comScore Foreign Policy Expert Sarah Palin Offers President Obama Advice On Israel

Foreign Policy Expert Sarah Palin Offers President Obama Advice On Israel

Thanks to a badly timed ‘settlement’ announcement during Vice President Joe Biden‘s recent trip, followed by a strongly worded admonition from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Israel is firmly back in the headlines (alongside, the ‘demon pass‘).

Needless to say, Sarah Palin is not far behind with her take on matters. In a bit of a twist, Palin opted to send her statement to Politico before posting it on Facebook. The short version of Palin’s statement seems to be, why is Obama playing nice with “some of the world’s worst regimes” and apparently refusing to play ball with Israel?

The Obama Administration reaches out to some of the world’s worst regimes in the name of their engagement policy. America and our allies watch as sanctions are eased on Cuba. Letters are written to Iran’s mullahs only to see that regime start killing protestors in the streets of Tehran. Envoys are sent to North Korea as they continue to defy the world’s demand to give up their nuclear weapons. The Burmese military junta’s representative is allowed to travel to our nation’s capital. The President’s envoy for Sudan talks about giving that genocidal regime “gold stars,” while the President shakes hands with Venezuela’s tyrannical leader. In the midst of all this embracing of enemies, where does the Obama Administration choose to escalate a minor incident into a major diplomatic confrontation? With Iran, Cuba, Sudan, North Korea or Burma? No. With our treasured ally, Israel.

I’m not sure many people would consider last week’s debacle a “minor incident;” nevertheless, it’s interesting to see Palin dig in on foreign policy. Perhaps practicing for election years ahead?

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