Former DNC Chief Howard Dean Claims the Georgia Governor Race Was ‘Almost Certainly Stolen’ From Stacey Abrams

Former Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean is challenging the legitimacy of the Georgia Governor’s race.

In a Wednesday morning tweet, the former Vermont Governor and DNC chief claimed the race — in which Republican Brian Kemp, according to the latest numbers, is clinging just above the 50 percent mark required to avoid a run-off with Democratic opponent Stacey Abrams — has been “almost certainly stolen.”

“[Abrams] should not concede,” Dean wrote. “The election was almost certainly stolen by a candidate who supervised his own ‘election.'”

As Georgia’s Secretary of State, Kemp has been overseeing his own election. A lawsuit has been filed by a group of Georgia voters in an effort to have Kemp removed from his role — as it relates to the gubernatorial election.

The Associated Press reported in October that Kemp’s office held up 53,000 new voter registrations — 70 percent from black Georgia residents — for failing to meet the state’s voter identification requirement. A judge eventually ruled against Kemp and ordered that the registrants be allowed to vote.

Kemp also made a baseless eleventh-hour claim that state Democrats tried to hack the voter registration rolls.

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