Howard Dean: Trump Election Like ‘Kent State’


While debate on Morning Joe often focuses on how horrible and unprecedented and evil and mentally unstable Donald Trump is, the gang took a moment Friday to talk about someone who doesn’t make news as much anymore — Barack Obama.

Mediaite alum Noah Rothman accused Obama of presiding over a broad hollowing out of the Democratic party — specifically citing the loss of hundreds of local elected Democrats across the country.

Howard Dean was on hand, however (HYAHHH) to lift some liberal spirits saying that the election of Trump was a “Kent State” moment for young people and would energize them in 2018 and beyond.

Kent State — of course — refers to the infamous massacre of four college students at the Ohio University during a Vietnam War protest in 1970. The moment was immortalized in the iconic photo by Kent State photojournalism student John Filo.

For good measure, Dean also compared Trump’s win the Civil Rights flashpoint on the “Edmund Pettus Bridge.”

“I’m hoping the next presidential candidate is under 50 or at least under 55 in our party. We have go to transfer this over to the next generation,” said Dean. “The Trump election, I think, was in a sense, their generation’s Edmund Pettus Bridge or Kent State. Their principles have been violated as a whole generation, but they’re going to have to fight through this for themselves. Obama can’t do it. He is not the president anymore.”

It’s been quite a summer for colorful comparison on the show. Earlier this week, New York Times’ in-house Conservative Bret Stephens suggested Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was like Pol Pot — a remark he swiftly apologized for.

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