Fox Guest: Black People Have ‘Slavish Support’ for Democrats

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.48.31 AMThis morning on Fox & FriendsSteve Doocy and Anna Kooiman wanted to get some questions answered about the attempts by Republicans to appeal to black voters, so they spoke to Crystal Wright, founder and editor of “The Conservative Black Chick Blog.” They might have gotten a little more from the outspoken author — who has a history of saying controversial things — than they bargained with.

She claimed that Donald Trump is the only GOP presidential candidate who has been talking directly to black voters and backed that up by pointing out that his spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, is a woman of color. Okay. Fine. That isn’t debatable. Good for Trump on that front.

From there, though, Wright kept going and said a few things that might have given some viewers pause. She called the black vote “sad” and said that people of color have shown a “slavish support” for Democratic candidates.

“Part of me wonders if the Republican party should even bother asking for the black vote,” she said. “Black Americans seem to like being political dummies.”

By far the weirdest part of a three-minute interview full of shocking statements came when Wright asserted that black people want to vote for Hillary Clinton because “she was married to the first black president.” Can someone fact-check that one for me, please?

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