Fox News’ Chris Wallace Honored With National Press Foundation Award

Congratulations are in order for Fox New’s Chris Wallace, who was honored last night in Washington, DC with the National Press Foundation’s Sol Taishoff Award for Broadcast Journalism. The award was especially poignant given that Taishoff, the founder of Broadcasting & Cable magazine, had been a friend of Wallace’s stepfather, late CBS News president Bill Leonard.

Wallace extended special thank you’s to Leonard, Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, and to his father, Mike Wallace. “I spent so much of my early life trying to get out from under his shadow,” said Wallace of his father. “Now, as my father nears his 94th birthday and is slipping away, I don’t want you to forget him. He was vibrant, and funny, and demanding, and a great reporter.”

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As Broadcasting & Cable reports, Wallace also had kind words for Ailes, referring to him as an exceptional boss:

Wallace had unalloyed praise for his Ailes, calling him the best boss he had ever worked for. Wallace’s resume includes long stints at ABC News and NBC News. “This is a man who created an enormously influential source of information for the American people out of nothing.” Whether you like it or not, he told the audience, in 15 years Fox has gone from zero to “a central part of the national conversation.”

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