comScore Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Presses Kellyanne on Trump’s Claims Iran is ‘Acting Differently’: ‘Are They??’

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Presses Kellyanne on Trump’s Claims Iran is ‘Acting Differently’: ‘Are They??’

As President Donald Trump took bows for the progress he believes he’s made in denuclearizing North Korea, Brian Kilmeade of Fox News wanted to know about the impact of a nuclear deal Trump recently scuttled.

But he didn’t get many answers from Kellyanne Conway.

The counselor to the president appeared on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning — where Kilmeade pressed her about the effects of the pullout from the Iran nuclear deal — and Trump’s claims that the country has changed since the move.

“The president said this twice now, Iran is a different country since we tore up the deal,” Kilmeade said to Conway. “Do you know what he means by that?”

“I think just he means he has gone in and undone what the last president did,” Conway said. “And the last president didn’t have the courage to bring that Iran deal to the Senate.”

Kilmeade was not pacified by that response.

“He says they’re acting differently,” Kilmeade said. “I don’t know, are they acting differently?”

Check out this world-class non-answer and pivot from Conway — who just had nothing for Kilmeade on this one.

I’m not going into what the president discusses with his diplomatic and national security team when it comes to Iran and other countries. But they did act differently. They responded immediately. I think there were “Death to America” chants from some folks over there, when the president took action. He made good on that promise as well. Why? Because this country whether it comes to trade, whether it comes to tariffs, whether it comes to Iran, Cuba, now North Korea, stop with the one-sided deals that always screw America, American workers, American interests.

Credit to Kilmeade for his line of inquiry here. Watch it above, via Fox News.

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