Fox’s Shep Smith Describes Images of Horror from Nice Attack That He Refuses to Air

NiceFox’s Shepard Smith, anchoring the network’s early coverage of the Bastille Day attack in Nice, described in an occasionally faltering voice images of horror that he could not air on television.

Learning that the death toll had risen to 60, Smith said, “Frankly this is not surprising to me having witnessed one of the most gory videos I’ve ever seen.”

He continued, “As the camera panned along the street, as the person carrying the camera was not just panning, but walking along and pointing down toward one victim after another victim after another victim after another victim, I counted upwards of 15 in that one video. People who absolutely could not be alive because of the condition of their bodies.”

Earlier in the segment, Smith said, “A quick search online produces videos that are just impossible to watch and not suitable for evening programming […] It is a scene of total carnage.”

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