Georgia Voters Judge Campaign Ads With Frank Luntz, Laugh at Brian Kemp, Clash Over Immigration

Ahead of the tight gubernatorial race in Georgia, Republican and Democratic voters from the state took part in a Frank Luntz focus group on Vice News in which they reviewed campaign ads.

The focus group were asked to judge how “impactful” and “persuasive” they found each campaign ad. Stacey Abrams, the Democrat running for governor of Georgia, was first up. Her ad scored positively with both Republicans and Democrats.

“She’s talking about faith. She’s talking about family. It’s everything that I think Georgia is about,” said one Trump voter who supports the Republican candidate, Brian Kemp.

“Southern values, it portrays that,” added another supporter of Kemp. “But at the end of the day, I don’t think she’ll actually do what she says. I don’t like her policy.”

Kemp’s ad — in which he holds a young boy “interested in one of my daughters” at gunpoint — was a little more polarizing.

“I am a gun owner, and have used guns my entire life. And you do not ever have a shotgun pointed, especially at a child,” a woman supporting Abrams reacted.

“Democrats need to lighten up,” a supporter of Kemp replied, emphasizing the ad was a joke.

“He throws in that deep Southern drawl,” she added. “I know Brian Kemp. I can call him on my cell phone right now. He is — does not have that deep Southern drawl.”

“This man is a millionaire, this man is getting pedicures on the weekends drinking mimosas, he’s not sitting here with his shotgun,” another Abrams supporter joked, cracking up the panel. “Give me a break.”

The next ad led the focus group to clash over an dd promoting the immigrant heritage of a candidate.

Watch above, via Vice News.

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