Gerard Butler Speaks at Pentagon Briefing, Says It Would Be ‘Insensitive’ to Promote Movie in Saudi Arabia Now

Actor Gerard Butler says he will not promote his new film in Saudi Arabia, saying it would be “incredibly insensitive” to do so in light of Jamal Khashoggi‘s disappearance.

Butler held a briefing at the Pentagon on Monday to talk about Hunter Killer, his new film about a Navy submarine crew. At one point, he said that he cancelled his promotion tour in Saudi Arabia after being informed of Khashoggi’s suspicious disappearance inside the country’s Istanbul consulate.

“It just didn’t feel like a good time to be getting involved,” Butler said. “It just didn’t seem like a situation we would want to get into.”

Butler acknowledged that the cancelled tour would come as a disappointment to fans as well as the movie studios after everything they did to promote the film.

Khashoggi’s disappearance continues to draw international attention as people demand answers about his whereabouts from the Saudi government. Today, CNN released a report claiming that the Saudis are preparing to admit that they accidentally killed Khashoggi in some sort of botched interrogation.

Watch above, via Bloomberg.

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