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Get Ready to Go Galt: There’s Going to Be an Ayn Rand Musical

If your first thought when reading Ayn Rand’s prose is “If only this wooden political allegory could be set to meter and melody, it would really come to life,” then today is your birfday.

The Anthem, a musical based off the early Rand novella Anthem, will open at the Lynn Redgrave Theater (currently playing: Chekhov’s The Seagull) in New York City on May 29. Le summary:

‘Hunger Games meets Ayn Rand in a far off future (several centuries after the early 1980s) in a social media gone mad world, where individuality is illegal. Prometheus (Jason Gotay) abandons everything to confront the State, controlled by the overlord of evil efficiency, Tiberius (Randy Jones). With a forbidden copy of Ayn’s Rand’s ancient tome in hand, can Prometheus overthrow the system?’

Well, can he? Your humble scribe actually read Anthem in high school and remembers little about it except that the POV changes midway through from first person plural to first person singular after the protagonist realizes his individuality and this sentence is too stupid to continue.

The musical (which is actually not the first time Anthem has inspired song) follows a three-part adaptation of Atlas Shrugged that, in an ironic tribute to its charismatic authority, failed to turn a profit; it also stars a cast member from Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, one of the most bloated money losers in recent Broadway history. Capitalism!

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