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GOP Congressman: Russian Election Meddling Succeeded ‘Way Beyond Their Wildest Dreams’

Ahead of former Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson’s testimony before Congress on Russian meddling in the election, Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) appeared on CNN’s New Day to talk about the Russia probe.

After engaging in a back-and-forth about the possibility of collusion between Trump associates and Russia regarding election interference with host Chris Cuomo, Stewart addressed today’s hearing and how important it was to understanding what was known during the election regarding Russian interference attempts.

“I went to Moscow last August, and I came home and said they’re gonna mess with our elections,” Stewart stated. “We just knew that they were.”

The Utah lawmaker went on to say that the central questions were what did the administration know, how did they prepare for that and what measures did they take to counter the attacks. The GOP congressman then observed that whoever was behind the hacking was likely greatly rewarded due to how successful it was.

“The Russian KGB case officer who was responsible for this — he’s probably been promoted from captain to four-star general,” Stewart said. “Because this went way beyond their wildest dreams of success, I think.”

He added that Russia would do it again and that we’ve already seen them try in other Western democracies.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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