Gun Control Fight Already Underway Over Washington Navy Yard Shooting

There are scant details about today’s tragic shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, but already there’s quite a bit of Twitter chatter about gun control. Perhaps with each shooting like this people feel more comfortable starting the discussion earlier and earlier, but going back and forth about whether gun control has anything to do with this even before the people involved are brought to safety might be a bit too early.

Hollywood icon Henry Winkler got lambasted for tweeting out a gun control message, firing back at some of the outraged reactions.

Daily Beast columnist David Frum also fired off a string of tweets sarcastically mocking gun rights advocates for their “rules of etiquette” in the gun control conversation.

On the other side, there were some tweets saying gun control wasn’t at issue because the Navy Yard is a gun-free zone.

And, of course, Alex Jones also weighed in with his usual “false flag” theory.

Again, all of these tweets above were sent out before any concrete details about the circumstances of the shooting were known. There have, of course, been the requisite tweeters scolding the rest for engaging in this kind of arguing already.

Before we start talking about regulating guns, how about not jumping them first?

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