Hamas Call for Twitter Questions Backfires Big Time on #AskHamas


Any time a group or person that can be considered remotely controversial takes the time to start a Twitter question campaign, it’s almost a guarantee that hundreds of people will hijack the hashtag to air their grievances. We saw it happen to #MyNYPD, #CPACQ, #JennyAsks, and #We_Are_Coming_O_Rome, and many others.

And then on Thursday, Twitter users took to #AskHamas — a hashtag set up by the militant Palestinian group for people to ask questions — to flood it with negative comments about the organization and its battle with the State of Israel.

Of course, that was taken by many users as an open call for anti-Hamas tweets on the hashtag. Some prominent examples below:

One day before the hashtag began, Hamas seemed to recognize what they were up against, perhaps unintentionally issuing this pre-emptive tweet:

And it hasn’t been entirely negative, but, yeah, as with most of these hashtag hijacks, it’s been mostly negative. Read the hashtag’s feed here.

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