Maher Calls Out The ‘Hypocrisy’ of Israel Critics: ‘Where Would You Rather Live in The Middle East?’

Largest Palestinian Newspaper at Risk of Being Banned After Interviewing Israeli Politician

Trump’s Newest Debate Guest Appears to Support Terrorist Group Hamas, Abolition of Israel

Israel Freezes Entry Permits For Palestinians Following Deadly Tel Aviv Attacks

Limbaugh: Condemning Trump Puts Dems, GOP on ‘Same Side’ as Hamas

Hamas Claims It Captured an Israeli Spy Dolphin

‘Shame on You’: Hannity Cuts Off Muslim Guest After Testy Exchange over Terrorism

Hamas Call for Twitter Questions Backfires Big Time on #AskHamas

3 U.S. Citizens Among 4 Killed in Jerusalem Synagogue Attack

Joan Rivers: ‘Low IQ’ Palestinians ‘Deserve to Be Dead’

S.E. Cupp Uses Nazi Analogy to Show How the Media Is Helping Hamas

Obama Has ‘No Sympathy’ for Hamas, ‘Great Sympathy’ for People of Gaza

Netanyahu: Hamas Wants Civilian Casualties to Use as ‘PR Fodder’

Glenn Beck Eats ‘Christian Blood’ to Make a Point About Hamas

Watch Sean Hannity Crawl into Hamas-Dug Tunnel to Israel

Israel Claims to Find Hamas ‘Manual’ on Using Human Shields

NY Times Photographer: Here’s Why There Are No Pics of Hamas Fighters

Egypt Reportedly Brokers 3-Day Ceasefire Between Israel and Hamas

Google Play Offers ‘Bomb Gaza’ Game for Android Phones (UPDATED)

Hamas Leader to CNN: ‘Unfortunate’ Obama Has ‘Adopted Israeli Narrative’

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