Here Are the Debate Moments in History Most Likely to Make You Feel Terribly Uncomfortable

The good folks over at ABC News pieced together a pretty terrific little walk down memory lane just in time for tonight’s slugfest at Hofstra University. While many are wondering how tonight’s big debate will go between Democratic party nominee Hillary Clinton and the GOP’s Donald Trump, we thankfully have years of debate footage to look back at and cringe over with discomfort.

Among the best hits include a healthy dose of 2016 moments from the often times bizarre primary process; particularly memorable cringe-worthy moments like the botched entrance before the Republican debate in February made the cut, as did Trump’s instantly infamous quip about his manhood. In 2012, Mitt Romney and Oh-whoops-I-forgot-the-third-agency Rick Perry got plenty heated, and who could ever forget then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama casually telling New York Senator and former First Lady Hillary Clinton, “You’re likable enough, Hillary”?

The VP debates get some attention in the video as well; in 2008, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin seemed a little shaky during her introduction with on stage alongside Joe Biden. The VP choice for Ross Perot in 1992 Admiral James Stockdale was also featured, when he memorably and jokingly began his opening statement by asking the crowd, “Who am I? Why am I here?”

Candy Crowley‘s turn fact-checking Romney in a 2012 debate against President Obama was a contender as well, a moment that continues to be hotly debated in 2016.

Watch the full video above from ABC News.

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