‘He’s On Top of Me Wailing’: Reporter Shares Shocking Account of Alleged Bodyslam By GOP House Candidate


A closely-watched congressional race just got a lot more interesting.

On the night before a special election in Montana for the state’s single at-large congressional district, Republican candidate Greg Gianforte allegedly body-slammed Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs and broke his glasses after Jacobs approached the candidate to ask a question.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes spoke with Jacobs about the shocking and violent turn of events in Bozeman, Montana. After explaining that one of his elbows was injured, Jacobs recounted what occurred after Gianforte declined the interview request:

[H]e sort of said, “No, I’ve had enough.” And next thing I know, I’m being body slammed. And he — you know, he’s on top of me for a second. My glasses are broken. It’s the strangest — the strangest moment in my entire life reporting.”

Hayes then clarified the order of events and Jacobs continued:

“He grabs my recorder–and the audio should be up right now on the Guardian–And, yeah, throws me down. My glasses break. He sort of, I think — I’m pretty sure he’s on top of me wailing for a second, and then screams at me to get the hell out. And then his staffer comes in and it’s just very strange and mortifying.

Jacobs added:

“I don’t mind being blown off by politicians, and I also am always terribly uncomfortable being part of a story. And now it seems like I became the story.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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