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High School Football Coach Defies Warning in Holding Post-Game Prayer

A high school football coach was warned not to organize a prayer on school grounds by the school district, but he still did it anyway this past weekend.

Bremerton High School football coach Joe Kennedy was warned that if he prayed while doing his job, it would be a potential violation of federal law. Well, he ended up doing it anyway.

Kennedy prayed on the field Friday after a game, and while he didn’t ask anyone to join in, he ended up being joined by other students and even one agnostic captain.

The Bremerton School District released a lengthy statement explaining that they weren’t trying to muzzle Kennedy’s freedom of expression, but instead just wants to make sure they “abide by the laws that govern us.”

They claim that Kennedy made an earlier commitment to stick to federal guidelines:

[W]e must ensure these talks do not cross the line and violate the fundamental constitutional rights of our students.

I urge our coach to stand by his earlier commitment. Our District cannot allow our staff to infringe the constitutional rights of our students. This would put our schools at risk of liabilities and lawsuits and take away from our focus of meeting the needs of all of our students.

Watch KIRO’s report above.

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