Did A Hooded Sweatshirt Mysteriously Vanish From Fox News’ Online Store? (UPDATE)

After Geraldo Rivera decided to put some of the blame for Trayvon Martin’s death squarely on the “head” of the sweatshirt he was wearing, the Internet (and Rivera’s own household) erupted in scorn. Many began sarcastically pointing out all the sweatshirt-wearing people in the world that this meant Rivera was threatened by. The folks at BuzzFeed even pointed out that Fox News itself was selling a hooded sweatshirt on their online store. And that’s when things got interesting. The sweatshirt has suddenly vanished and is no longer available to buy, according to BuzzFeed.

Where, just a few hours ago, BuzzFeed reported that Fox News fans could easily order a nice sweatshirt, they then found that a message at the same URL now informs them that “The search for ‘SWEATSHIRT’ returned no results. Please try your search again or change your selection.”

We Googled the exact name of the item “FOX News Block Sweatshirt-Grey/Black” and were able to find the product’s page. However, you can’t get to that page from anywhere else in the store and, when you try to add the sweatshirt to your online cart, it won’t allow you.

So the question is this; did BuzzFeed just find an old product that is no longer sold but whose remnant is still online, did the item just sell out and is therefore no longer searchable?

UPDATE: Mediaite contact Fox News who denied the sweatshirt was pulled because of the controversy.

(h/t BuzzFeed)

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