‘I Don’t Know’: John McCain Answers Question On Whether He Finds Trump/Russia Dossier ‘Credible’

Earlier today, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) released a statement confirming that he gave the a dossier containing slacious and unverified claims about Russia attempting to compromise President-elect Donald Trump to FBI Director James Comey.

The dossier is now at the center of a media firestorm following Buzzfeed’s decision to publish the document despite acknowledging it had serious doubts about the claims within and that it was unable to verify much of what it contained. Buzzfeed’s publication came shortly after CNN’s report that stated Trump was presented with a two-page synopsis of claims Russia made efforts to compromise him.

This afternoon, reporters caught up with McCain on Capitol Hill and asked him about the dossier. When asked if he found the information credible, McCain said the following:

I don’t know. That’s why I gave it to the FBI. I don’t know if it’s credible or not but I thought the information deserved to be delivered to the FBI, the appropriate agency of government.

Asked if the information troubled him, he said it “doesn’t” because he doesn’t know if it is “accurate or not.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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