‘I Think They Might Want a Handshake’: Trump and Trudeau Have Awkward White House Encounter


Today, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is visiting with President Donald Trump. And, just like we witnessed last week, there was a moment where the two world leaders sat in the White House in front of reporters and engaged in an awkward moment surrounding their handshake.

With cameras clicking, the two men sat stiffly in their chairs with an uncomfortable silence as neither man spoke for a short period of time.

Eventually, Trump broke the silence, letting Trudeau know what the press wanted.

“I think they might want a handshake,” the president told his Canadian counterpart, offering up his hand.

Unlike his 19-second handshake/pat with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, this one was short and sweet. Following the quick gripping of hands, the two again sat silently for a bit before Trump finally said, “Thank you, press. Thank you very much.”

Afterwards, folks on Twitter took notice of the sorta clumsy encounter between the two.

It was also noted that when Trump first greeted Trudeau at the White House, he tried to engage in a “dominance” handshake, with Trudeau apparently resisting it.

Watch a clip of the White House encounter above, via CNN.

h/t:  Tommy Christopher

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