In Gripping Interview, Father Who Attacked Daughter’s Killer Talks of Loss and Forgiveness

CNNVan Terry said he “just snapped” in the middle of giving a statement in a courtroom, and doesn’t remember the exact moment when he leapt across the defense attorney’s table and lunged at his daughter’s smirking killer.

“I wanted to see the person who hurt my daughter,” Terry explained to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin in a harrowing interview Friday afternoon. “When I turned around to look at him, he hit me with that grin, I lost my mind.”

After replaying courtroom video of the incident, Baldwin asked what Terry had hoped to do to the man “who murdered your daughter” and “dares to grin at you.”

“I wanted to break his jaw and get that grin off his face,” Terry replied, adding after a pregnant pause: “If we’re being honest.”

“We’re being honest,” Baldwin replied.

On the subject of forgiveness, Terry said, “Forgiveness is not for the person. Forgiveness is for you. Because you’re forced to forgive that person so they don’t occupy so much time in your heart, so much time in your mind. So you forgive that person so then you can get on with your life. Right now, it’s still too hard. It’s been three years and it’s still to hard for me to do that.” He said he believed that the death penalty was deserved.

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