Interesting Company: Mark Cuban Spotted in Meeting With Trump Counselor Steve Bannon

Yesterday, Mark Cuban was spotted in New York with some company that might come as a surprise to those who followed him throughout the 2016 election.

TMZ released a photograph of the Shark Tank billionaire as he met with Steve Bannon in the King Cole Bar of the New York City St. Regis. Cuban was a major Hillary Clinton supporter throughout the 2016 election, whereas Bannon was the former head of Brietbart, and will act as senior counselor to President-elect Donald Trump.

Cuban had some positive thoughts about Trump in the early stages of the election, but Cuban decided to speak against the real-estate mogul when he didn’t show any signs of evolution in his politics or behavior. TMZ noted that Cuban and Bannon have done business in the past, and the Dallas Mavericks owner has said that Americans should give Trump a chance now that the election is over.

Bannon’s White House appointment continues to be a subject of controversy due to accusations of his anti-semitism and his connections to the alt-right. Critics have repeatedly blasted Trump for giving a white nationalist such a high level position, though Bannon insists that he is actually an “economic nationalist.”

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