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Is Trump Getting Ready to Back Out of Debating Hillary Clinton?

Last night, Donald Trump complained on Twitter about the timing of two of the upcoming presidential debates. Which begs the question: is he going to back out of debating Hillary Clinton?

Remember, Trump decided he didn’t want to do debates in the last leg of the GOP primary season.

And now we have this complaint:

Now, I know this is going to shock you, but Donald Trump just tweeted something untrue.

See, the debates are not set up by the Democrats, they’re set up by the Commission on Presidential Debates. The commission is co-chaired by a former Bill Clinton White House press secretary and a former head of the Republican National Committee.

The dates for the presidential general election debates were announced last fall, before most people started taking Trump’s candidacy seriously.

So why would Trump make this complains? Obviously he thinks he gets yuge ratings, so obviously the thought of being up against an NFL game shouldn’t rattle The Donald.

So could this be the first step in Trump eventually backing out of debating Clinton?

A while back, some pundits like Bill O’Reilly speculated that Clinton would refuse to debate Trump, but she seems more eager for the showdown than he is.

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