Jennifer Lawrence and Others Put On a Hilarious Live Read of The Big Lebowski

Of the many spectacular events at the Just For Laughts Festival in Montreal this weekend, Jason Reitman‘s live read of The Big Lebowski was both hotly-anticipated and, according to those in attendance, well worth the wait.

That’s because the staged reading featured the voices and acting talents of Jennifer Lawrence (Maude Lebowski), Michael Fassbender (The Dude), Patton Oswalt (Walter Sobchak) and a slew of other intentionally and unintentionally hilarious castings.

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According to MTV, the reading was mostly perfect save for a slight scripting hiccup between Olivia Munn and Lawrence, who’d apparently been given the wrong pages beforehand:

The table read was so perfect, you’d almost think it was rehearsed… Save for a tiny hiccup when Olivia Munn started reading Maude’s lines — following her incorrectly highlighted script page. This lead the cast to scramble and restart, laughing and talking over one another with Munn passing pages to Lawrence and Oswalt… Jokingly suggesting the ladies were method acting.

Not to fear, since it sounds like everything went along smoothly soon after the pages were returned to their rightful readers.

Check out an audio clip of the “method acting” mess up below, courtesy of Everything Jennifer Lawrence:

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