Jindal Blames ‘Cultural Decay,’ Video Games for Shootings: We Embrace ‘Deviant Behavior’


Bobby Jindal put out a lengthy statement today blaming “cultural decay” on mass shootings, arguing that Hollywood and video games egg on the celebration of “deviant behavior.”

Jindal goes on and on and on about America’s “garbage culture,” which he believes politicians are too scared to publicly talk about, and goes point-by-point over what he thinks is the real problem here.

One of his biggest targets is Hollywood. Jindal says they promote and celebrate violence, and tell me if reading these points below doesn’t make you think of a certain HBO show in particular:

We glorify sick and senseless acts of violence in virtually every element of our pop culture, and we have been doing that for at least a generation.

Our movies and TV shows feature a continuous stream of grotesque killing of every kind imaginable. And this is true of virtually every genre, from horror to drama to comedy.

We celebrate and document every kind of deviant behavior and we give out awards to producers who can push the envelope as far as possible. Rape, torture, murder, mass murder, all are cinematic achievements.

He also targets video games in really, really specific ways:

We have generations of young boys who were raised on video games where they compete with other young boys around the country and the world to see who can kill the most humans. We make it so fun, so realistic, so sensational.

Oh, we make sure that we stop them from bullying at school, but we are completely fine with them watching people get murdered and raped on the internet after school, and we are willing to let them go to the basement and join a fantasy world where they pretend they are killing people for 2 hours after school.

But if all that wasn’t enough, Jindal also goes after the Oregon gunman’s father, who said a few days ago he didn’t know how his son got guns, and called him a terrible parent:

Of course he doesn’t know. You know why he doesn’t know? Because he is not, and has never been in his son’s life. He’s a complete failure as a father, he should be embarrassed to even show his face in public. He’s the problem here.

He brags that he has never held a gun in his life and that he had no idea that his son had any guns. Why didn’t he know? Because he failed to raise his son. He should be ashamed of himself, and he owes us all an apology.

You can read his full statement here.

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