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Bobby Jindal

Jindal’s Rousing Endorsement of Trump: Electing Him Would Be ‘Second-Worst’ Option

Jindal: ‘No Drama Obama’ is Completely Responsible for the Rise of Trump

Aziz Ansari Returns to ​The Tonight Show as Bobby Jindal For the Last Time

Must-See Late Night Clip: Colbert Bids Jindal’s Campaign Adieu

Bobby Jindal Announces He’s Dropping Out of Race

Fox News’ Jesse Watters Says Bobby Jindal ‘Looked Like a Raisin’ During Debate

Here’s How GOPers at Undercard Debate Answered Question About Which Dems They Like

‘Let’s Elect a Conservative!’ Jindal, Christie Throw Down Over How to Beat Hillary

Here’s the Schedule for Tonight’s Fox Business Republican Debate

Bobby Jindal Wants to Go One-on-One with Ted Cruz

Amid Falling Poll Numbers, Chris Christie at Risk of Missing Next Debate

Aziz Ansari Plays Pretty Decent Bobby Jindal on The Tonight Show

Did Mike Huckabee Actually Obliterate a Pheasant in Iowa? An Investigation.

Ohio Pot Legalization and Other Things to Know About Tuesday’s Elections

Judge Orders Jindal to Reinstate Planned Parenthood Funding

Here’s the Schedule for Tonight’s CNBC Republican Debate

Neil Cavuto Hates Star Wars; Too Bad Everyone Else Disagrees

ABC’s Raddatz Grills Jindal: How Can You Blame Oregon Shooter’s Father?

Jindal Blames ‘Cultural Decay,’ Video Games for Shootings: We Embrace ‘Deviant Behavior’

Bobby Jindal Is Trying to Pick a Fight with Ted Cruz

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