Jodi Arias Eligible For Death Penalty, Jury Deems Murder ‘Especially Cruel’

After only a few hours of deliberation, the jury that last week found Jodi Arias guilty of first degree murder has decided she will be eligible for the death penalty. They announced Wednesday afternoon that they found her murder of boyfriend Travis Alexander to be “especially cruel,” an aggravating factor that Arizona law says can justify the capital punishment.

CNN reporter Catherine E. Shoichet described the dramatic arguments prosecutor Juan Martinez used to convince the jury to rule as they did.

Arias sobbed in the courtroom Wednesday as a prosecutor presented evidence.

Around her, the courtroom was silent for two minutes.

That’s how long Travis Alexander suffered in pain as Arias attacked him, Prosecutor Juan Martinez said.

“Does that seem like a short period of time? It was an incredibly long period of time to be continually stabbed, to be continually followed,” Martinez said.

And Arias, he argued, was well aware of how much Alexander was suffering.
“He was stabbed in the heart, chased down and then he had his throat slit,” Martinez said. “Those approximately two minutes that we talked about must have seemed like two lifetimes.”

The jury will return to court tomorrow, Thursday, May 16th to hear new testimony regarding the actual sentencing of Arias. Mediaite will have full live stream coverage of the proceedings, so check back here tomorrow to watch it live.

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