Joe Scarborough Butchers Description of the AR-15, Falsely Claims It’s ‘More Lethal’ Than the M-14 Used in Vietnam

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough took to Twitter to say AR-15s are “far deadlier” than the M-16s and “more lethal” than the M-14s used in the Vietnam War. In making his case, Scarborough pointed to how the AR platform was developed by Eugene Stoner to replace the M-14.

The M-14 was the rifle used by the U.S. military before being replaced by the M-16, which continues to be used in different versions today. The AR-15 is the version that is sold in the civilian marketplace, and the main difference is it can only be fired on semi-automatic.

Scarborough was subsequently called out for such a bold claim, mainly because of the different calibers the M-14 and the M-16/AR-15 fires. The M-14 fires a bigger round than the M-16 or AR-15.

The claim of the AR-15 being designed exclusively for the U.S. military is also questionable due to the fact they are not used by the military, as evidenced by them using the M-16 instead since it has the ability to fire on burst.

Washington Free Beacon reporter Stephen Gutowski delved deep into the history of the AR-15, pointing to how Scarborough wrongly conflates the AR-15 and M-16:

The technical details of firearms are extremely important as it is what lawmakers base their gun-related bills on. Being incorrect on the functionality of firearms is the difference between a law having an effect or not.

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