John Kasich Unleashes on Trump in Fiery Screed: ‘He is Not Capable of Being a Unifier’


Governor John Kasich (R-OH), normally a cool customer, absolutely lost it on President Donald Trump — among others — during a fiery appearance on CNN Thursday.

Speaking with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto, the Ohio governor shredded the president for not unifying the country in the wake of this week’s bomb scares.

“[I] was hopeful that perhaps he could get to the point where he could unite the country,” Kasich said. “I’ve now become convinced — absent a Damascus Road experience — I’ve become convinced he’s not capable of this. He is not capable of being a unifier. In fact, I’ve become convinced that he doesn’t know how to accept personal responsibility, and always finds somebody else to blame.”

The governor then pivoted to the migrant caravan and raised his voice called out political leaders for not being empathetic and allowing the rhetoric to get too heated.

“We’ve got to start putting ourselves in the shoes of other people!” Kasich said. “We’ve got to start thinking about the consequences that others suffer! And if we’ve been spared those by the grace of God, let us be appreciative, let us count our blessings, and let us reach out to those who have less. And let’s stop putting up walls around ourselves and not understanding the plight, the trouble, and the problems of others. It is not right. And the Lord doesn’t want it. And our people, at their hearts, want to reach out to others. Look at what they do in these storms —  they go and they rescue people they don’t know. They put ’em in their homes. They feed them. That’s America! Not all this garbage and this division, and yelling, and screaming, and hatred on all sides!”

Kasich took a breath and said, “I guess I feel strongly about this, don’t I? This stuff’s been bubbling up in me for a long time.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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