Jon Stewart Apologizes For Failed Interrogation Of John Yoo

Lost amidst all the uproar over NBC late night line-up, and Letterman’s unmitigated joy at being given the opportunity to go after both Jay “big jaw” Leno and the network that spurned him 17 years ago, was Jon Stewart’s (by his own admission) none-to-impressive interview with former deputy assistant attorney general John Yoo, otherwise known as the author of the Bush torture memos.

Last night, Stewart offered an apology of sorts (video below) for not “nailing” Yoo the way he intended: “he slipped through my fingers…it was like interview sand…he got me.” And he did. Though it’s not like Stewart has a history of terribly hard-hitting interviews — many of the people you most anticipate appearing on his show (McCain for one) tend to slip through his fingers. That said, Stewart’s interview with Yoo was instructive in so far as if you are wondering how the former administration was able to circumvent decades old treaties banning torture you need only listen to ten minutes of Yoo calmly slither his way around legal and constitutional definitions of torture in an effort to define “what is and isn’t torture” and “what interrogation methods do not constitute torture.” It’s instructive and chilling. Also, amazingly Yoo never actually met President Bush. Last night’s mea culpa below, the first part of the Yoo interview below that (you can watch the extended version here).

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