Yes, Really: Jose Canseco Blasts Mitt Romney: A ‘Joker’ Who Believes In ‘Bullsh*t’

Former major league baseball star and notoriously nonsensical tweeter Jose Canseco was profiled today by Grantland as the bulky slugger begins his stint with an independent ball club, the Worcester Tornadoes. Besides discussing his breakfast regiment and new career, Canseco randomly veered into politics, taking the time to blast presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney as a “joker” who believes in “bullshit” about fixing the federal deficit.

“Who’s the guy running against Obama?” Canseco asked reporter Bryan Curtis seemingly out-of-the-blue.

After being reminded of Mitt Romney’s name, Canseco launched into a tirade:

Romney. This joker comes in saying that Obama has done nothing: “He hasn’t fixed the deficit.” Let me tell you something. Do you actually fucking believe that in four years you’re going to fix the deficit? Are you kidding me? That’s a lifetime project. … It’s amazing the bullshit that people believe.

It’s all his fault,” Canseco scoffed at Romney’s supposed rhetoric. “Nobody’s going to fix this in four, eight, 12 years. Maybe in 30, it’ll fix itself.”

Ladies and gentlemen: Jose Canseco, economist.

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