Katy Tur Blasts Trump For Backing Moore: Starting to Feel Like the Era of ‘Post-Morality Politics’


Have we reached the era of post-morality politics?

That was the question posed on the chyron during MTP: Daily on Wednesday. Katy Tur, filling in for Chuck Todd, declared that question to be very much open in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against major figures from both parties.

More than the scandals themselves, though, Tur went after those who turned a blind eye to protect a fellow party member in spite of their alleged actions.

“When does character matter more than your party affiliation?” Tur said. “It’s starting to feel like the answer is never. And in an era of post-truth, when will we reach a level of post-morality politics? It’s starting to feel as if we may be getting closer to that.”

Most notably, of course, Tur was referring to President Donald Trump — who all but endorsed Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore on Tuesday. Tur blasted the President for what she described as a “remarkable” change in his position on the embattled Moore.

“Why doesn’t the president believe Moore’s accusers?” Tur said. “Perhaps because he has an R after his name.”

But Tur also went after Democratic Congressman Jim Clyburn (D-SC), for standing behind Rep. John Conyers (D-MI). (Clyburn told The New York Times, “For all I know, all of this could be made up.”)

“With harassment becoming an equal opportunity threat to both parties and both sides bracing for more allegations to come, neither side feels confident claiming the higher, moral ground,” Tur said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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