KFC Selling Corsages So Your Date Can Have That Prom-Night Fried Chicken Smell

If you’re looking for a perfect corsage that just screams “girl, you look like you won’t be able to make it through this dance without some fried chicken,” KFC has announced a chicken corsage to give to your date this prom season. Yes, the KFC corsage is real, but it’s in limited supply, so be quick about it!

According to the site where it’s selling, the corsage only costs 20 bucks, but there are only 100 of them available to snatch up. The chicken, of course, comes separately, but the corsage includes a coupon that will let you select any piece of chicken of your choice at a local KFC.

KFC is advertising the corsage as one that “will make her eyes light up and her mouth water,” even putting out a video of such a prom couple as an example of how chicken courting goes these days. You can watch that video here:

[h/t USA Today]
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