Limbaugh Slams Arizona “Pep Rally” And “Slobbering” Fox News “All-Stars”


Rush Limbaugh took to the airwaves and wasn’t so eager to echo the overwhelming praise of President Obama‘s memorial speech last night. Not only was he shocked by the “pep rally” tone of the crowd (something that also troubled CBS’ Mark Knoller during today’s press conference with Robert Gibbs), but he also had some complaints about what was said, the timing of the ceremony and the media reaction to it.

Limbaugh first doubted the wisdom of having Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano (who Limbaugh affectionately refers to as “Big Sis”) and Attorney General Eric Holder quoting from the Bible, saying:

“Two members of the regime quoting the Bible . . . and I’m thinking, this is not going to play well with the Democrat base. Of course the Muslim brothers might be scratching their heads over that.”

From there, Limbaugh surprisingly turned his attention to the Fox News all-star panel, and claimed that in their review of the President’s speech, they were “slobbering” all over him with praise:

“They were slobbering over it for the predictable reasons. It was smart, it was articulate, it was oratorical. It was, it was all the things the educated, ruling class wants their members to be and sound like.”

Wow, conservative on conservative violence alert! Fox News “all-stars” Charles Krauthammer, Chris Wallace, and Brit Hume are certainly all educated, but did Rush just dismissively suggest that these three are also part of a “ruling class” alongside Obama?

Most controversially though, in case you weren’t satisfied so far, Limbaugh wondered aloud why the Obama administration waited a few days to have the memorial, arguing that it could have, and should have held the memorial earlier in the week. Instead Limbaugh theorized Obama waited until the polling data about the tragedy could be collected. And given that polling data demonstrated Americans don’t associate political rhetoric with the shooting, he was able to give the speech that he did last night. And for his final act, Limbaugh joked, “plus they needed time to print those T-shirts,” which were handed out to attendees and read “Together We Thrive: Tucson & America.”

Listen to the clip from The Rush Limbaugh Show below:

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