Creepy/Funny Video Edits Down Palin’s Speech To Just The Exasperated Breaths

For everyone who was super offended by Sarah Palin using the term “blood libel” (a woman’s not even allowed to defend herself against a thousand years of accusations that she drinks the blood of Christians now?) I have the video for you! A new edit of the video deletes the offending term in its entirety. Of course, you should probably know that it deletes the rest of the words in the speech too, leaving nothing but Palin’s exasperated breaths.

The supercut was created by the video producing collective Wreck & Salvage and it’s both hilarious and terrifying. Terrifying because it makes Palin seem just like a really disappointed mother. Like she just caught you coming in really, really late and you never called her to say where you were going and you totally smell like beer and she’s just so angry that she doesn’t know what to say so she’s just gonna sigh at you.

I don’t know. That’s how I interpreted it.

Check out the video from Wreck & Salvage below:

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